Can I register me and my spouse for a retreat under one order?  YES

Can I cancel my registration?  Yes, as long as you cancel three (3) days before your paid retreat.  To cancel and receive a refund, contact us at least three (3) days before your scheduled retreat date. Otherwise, we will allow you to transfer your credit towards a future retreat.   

Can I host a private JUST US retreat for my friends/family and me?  YES.  Contact us to schedule a special retreat.  You must have 10 couples to host a private retreat.

Why is the pre-work important to me and my spouse's retreat experience?  We have high expectations for your retreat experience.  In order to give you our best service, we need you and your spouse to complete the pre-work and submit it to us 3-days prior to attending a retreat.


Can I attend a session without my spouse?  YES

How are couple sessions held?  In-person, ZOOM video conferencing, or teleconferencing. 

How long is a session?  1 hour. 

Can I cancel a session(s)?  YES.  A cancellation is accepted for pre-paid sessions that you have not attended, and you plan to cancel all future JUST US coaching sessions.  Otherwise, you simply need to reschedule, if you want a different session date than what is already reserved. 

Can I receive a refund for a session(s)?  YES.  A refund is accepted for pre-paid sessions that you have not attended, and you do not plan to attend another JUST US coaching session.  Otherwise, you simply need to apply the credit to a future session.  You can apply a credit by letting us know which future session date you want to schedule.


Can I return my products?  YES.  You must return it within 30 days of purchase.  You must contact us before thirty (30) days of your purchase receipt.  You will be asked to submit your receipt as proof of purchase.  Product can't be used or opened in order for us to cancel and give you a refund. Returns are not applicable for coaching sessions or after you have attended a couples retreat.  

SHIPPING FEES are not refundable.  You must pay a new shipping fee if you plan to send the product back to us for a refund.  You must pay for a new shipping fee for us to ship a new or different product to you.