Slow is Smooth and Smooth is Fast

When our twins leave the house after a family visit, all of us spend time together on the porch to chit-chat and savor the last moments together before we say our goodbyes. Honestly, no one is in a rush to wind down our family time. We just let go so the twins can start their hour-long drive to their homes. And, like many of our family gatherings, time is not on our side. Before we settle into our time together, just like that, it’s over.

As a mom, I can’t remember ever connecting my family’s gatherings to anything remotely military. But oddly today as I write this blog, I am about to make the connection - and for good reasons. Keep reading… When I think of some of our family gatherings; when I think of some seasons in my marriage, or some seasons in my career, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the U.S. Navy Seals phrase: “Slow is Smooth and Smooth is Fast.” I became acquainted with this simple but dichotomous statement not too long ago. It’s a fresh reminder to me that the best way to move fast in life is by taking your time, to slow down, and do the job right.

I have several areas in my life where I pray and wish, pray and wish, pray and wish, that they would progress faster. But no, “Slow is Smooth and Smooth is Fast” is swirling around in my head-space, reminding me to be patient and not fall victim to hurrying things along.

Kenneth and I blog about marriage and family; that’s our God-given calling. We want to see faster progress in certain aspects of our ministry/business. We want to experience deeper levels of achievement now with JUST US LIMITED as well as in our family and community. Believe me when I say that we are walking through a season where “slow is smooth and smooth is fast.” You’ll arrive at your own conclusion about this Navy Seal statement, but may I give you a few suggestions as you make similar connections with your life?

SLOW IS SMOOTH – this means one thing: getting things done carefully without rushing or cutting corners. It involves taking your time, doing things the right way, having patience. It means spending time with the people you love and doing things that are part of your destiny here on earth.

You can’t go fast when going slow gives you the outcome you desire and need. I’m not talking about putting important things on simmer without being consistent in achieving your goals. Slow isn’t just the pace but it the presence and mentality about being committed to something over the long-haul.

What are your goals for your family? Your marriage? Your career? We must continue to remain active and progressive until God takes us home to glory. He stipulates this desire for us in His Word.

SMOOTH IS FAST – this means the same thing, except that it involves having great precision and doing things without rushing. You should take extra care when engaged in a meaningful undertaking or activity – and always do the right thing. This also involves spending time on your goals and learning to relax. Being smooth ensures you’re becoming really good at something.

What are you becoming really good at in your family? In your marriage? In your career?

Imagine being trapped under a thick frozen lake. As you try to get through the ice to breathe you just keep swimming up, banging on the ice, but you are not able to break through the dense sheet between you and the surface. You keep telling yourself “Maybe this time, this time, this time, I’ll break through.” But you can’t break through. At some point you are going to have to swim back down and over until you find the hole in the ice and easily pop up through it for life-preserving air. If you had simply looked for the hole the first time, you would have saved plenty of time and likely avoided injury.

At times, we may think we’re stalled in life. It may feel like we want to move faster toward progress. Trust me though - the last thing you want to do is hurry. Any good thing that is worth waiting for is worth taking your time and working on it. Fighting through the pain and pressing beyond the difficulties are key to long-lasting achievement in any area of life. Does it apply to marriage? Family? Career? Yes, Yes, Yes!

Sometimes when we’re traveling on Houston’s highways, someone in the car will rapidly fire off “All we’re doing is hurrying up to wait.” And they are right! Houston’s traffic isn’t beholden to anyone; it’s a beast that has a mind of its own. So is being in a hurry or going fast; it doesn’t mean you’re making progress or achieving your goals. You might be hurrying up just to wait, much like Houston’s traffic.

Going slow and smooth is the opposite of being frantic and chaotic. Which is best? Going slow and smooth reflects that we are moving forward with intentionality, giving preference to what is important for our overall progress in life. What should you give preference to in your life right now? That’s what being slow is smooth and smooth is fast is all about.

Reader, when you consider your family, marriage, and career goals, remember you should take smart, purposeful action, and make wise and informed decisions without delay. You should actively make choices to move forward with a purpose and make proper plans to allow for successful completion. God desires us to make the most and best of our lives. Adopting the Navy Seals’ statement “Slow is Smooth and Smooth is Fast” means signing on to a principle designed to help us achieve on-going success in our lives.

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